Creative Property Marketing and Advertising Techniques for Commercial Properties

Creative Property Marketing and Advertising Techniques for Commercial Properties

Selling a commercial property used to be a dry, transactional affair. That's not the case anymore. With most marketing happening online, you need a more creative spin.

Think of it as crafting a giant neon "for sale" sign above your commercial property's entrance.

In this guide, we'll explain some of the more unusual and creative property marketing and advertising approaches you can take to promote your commercial property. Read on for our top tips.

Use Modern Real Estate Marketing Technology

Nowadays, you can turn an internet property profile into a technology-driven experience. Get this right, and it's a great way to get more interest in a property.

Two tools to try are a virtual reality tour and a 3D tour. A virtual reality tour is the most advanced. It offers you the chance to experience the inside of a building using a VR headset.

A 3D tour is similar, but you'll explore the inside of the property on screen, navigating and exploring the space to get a feel for the layout.

Both technologies allow prospective buyers to see if the commercial property works for their business before booking a real-life viewing. So it's an excellent marketing tool.

Use Social Media

More people are turning to social media for business inspiration, including browsing for commercial property.

It's a chance to market your property from a different angle, like the location or view. You don't need a large following to make this work.

You can pay influencers with bigger followers to feature your property to their audiences.

This method is most effective if something unique or unusual about your commercial property offers an advantage to business owners that could stop people in their tracks when scrolling through their social media feeds.

Write Creative Property Descriptions

All commercial real estate listings need a description. Yet these descriptions can often come across as dry and formulaic. So why not try something different?

A good technique is the storytelling approach when you write in more of a narrative to sell the property.

For example, you could tell a story about a location with plenty of footfall. Or you could talk about how the previous tenants grew a new business in this commercial space.

It's an excellent way for entrepreneurs to visualize growing their business from this commercial property. It will help your building stand out from the other listings.

Remember to Target the Location

The first thing buyers do when searching for a property is start with the location. It's often top on a business owner's priority list. Use this fact when marketing your property online.

When advertising online, make sure you target as many geo-references as possible. Start with a larger area, like the state, and then get more specific, targeting the city, region, or neighborhood.

The more geo-targets you can include, the easier it will be to target relevant buyers.

Commercial Property Marketing and Advertising: Finding Ways to Stand Out

Go beyond the basics when planning your commercial property marketing and advertising campaign. In a highly competitive environment, a touch of creativity and uniqueness could help secure the sale.

For more help marketing your commercial property in Florida, contact our team at PMI Tampa. We are here to help you secure that buyer.